Refund Policy


Any items that are not customized and not already shipped can be cancelled at any time. This includes any pre-orders, group buys, or similar. If the item is customized, e.g. with a name or number, than the item can only be cancelled before the customization process happens. For customized products there please contact us immediately.


Any items that are not customized may be returned within 30 days as long as it is in brand new condition with no tags removed or any damage. Subscriptions and game downloads may be refunded within a 2 hour window post usage. E.g. if you buy rights to a game yet wait 5 days to play it and then an hour into the game you may return it for full price if you are not satisfied.


In the case of damaged items we will provide exchanges when possible. For customized items we may be able to exchange the item for a discount of the full priced item.


If a product is damaged during shipping then we will rely on any shipping insurance that is included in the sale. If an item is refunded and needs to be shipped back that cost will be on the buyer’s end. Refunds for returned items will be issued after the item returns to us and the item is in brand new condition.

Our Discretion

In certain cases issues may arise that are out of everybody’s control. In those cases we will do whatever is reasonable to try and make everything right. We may also cancel orders that we believe were made in bad faith or try to game the system.

Next Steps

If there are any issues please reach out to us as soon as possible at: