Official Launch!

Pre-Orders, Discounts, and In Stock

We are live! With that, we are accepting pre-orders for our jerseys! Alongside our pre-orders we also have our version 1 hoodies in stock, pre-orders for tank tops, and soon to have t-shirts available as well.

Speaking of t-shirts, to celebrate this launch we are offering a free t-shirt with the first 20 orders placed using the coupon FREESHIRT! Along with the free shirt that coupon will also receive 20% off their order. The coupon is limited one per household. However, when FREESHIRT runs out we will offer a separate 20% off discount that will run until September 30th, 2020.

Streamers, Teams, and Content Creators

For all inquiries please email us at:

Since Pure Salt Gaming is new to the scene, we are looking for creators and designers to grow our brand with. To start, we will be looking for contract work in terms of designers for things such as overlays and emotes as a service for our content creators. Team wise we are keeping an eye on the Halo community and would love to work with those prepping for Halo Infinite. We loved seeing Halo back on the competitive scene with Halo 5 and are excited to see what Halo Infinite has in store!

Chess is another game close to our heart. Kandy is a solid player in his own right and has had a promising start to his chess streaming career. We would love to partner with other chess players and teams that can fit the ethos of being calm under pressure.

Outside of that we also run a Destiny 2 clan and are currently seeking anybody that enjoys the game in a laid back fashion. Feel free to checkout the clan, Dads Orbit, at:

Social Media

We are growing our social media presence. Therefore, it would be extremely helpful if you could follow or join us on the following services: